Media Compaign on Land Issues

Media compaign on Land Issues was done from December 8 to December 14 2007. Before the campaign, journalists of all the major newspapers, radios and TVs were invited to attend a workshop on 25 November 2007. The idea of the workshop was to educate and encourage the Journalists to write or discuss in their respective newspapers, radios and TVs. In the beginning, various experts on land, presented facts and figures and their views on land issue. In later session, there was question and answer between experts and the Journalists. After the discussion, issues related to land were discussed and asked the Journalists were asked to choose the issue for the writing or debates in the radio or TVs. When Journalists had selected the topic/issue on land, they were provided with related facts, figures, and articles. A book including all those articles will be published and will be used as toolkit for advocacy.