As a development institute, NIDS basically undertakes research related to diverse issues such as migration, land issues, agriculture and human organ trafficking for developing advocacy materials to assist in the policy making process. NIDS has maintained a professional demeanor for several researches on its own and also in collaboration with other National, Regional and International organizations.

Program Implementation

NIDS has been focusing on migrant communities-spouses/families and returnee migrants for HIV and AIDS awareness along with community empowerment in identified sites of Syangja and Kaski districts.

A pilot program related to sustainable agriculture in Nepal has already been conducted productively in Kaski District. As part of the partnership volunteer exchange program, NIDS has been involving in different exchange programs like sustainable agriculture program ‘Partnership for Ecological South Asia (PESA)’, ‘Simple Energy Measures in Household’, etc. These volunteer exchange programs are the initiatives for cross cultural learning, networking for sustainable agriculture promotion through joint regional effort.

Humla Development Initiative is yet another development initiative of NIDS aiming to create sustainable development momentum of Humla district, to look at the issues of poverty alleviation, fighting on food deficit, and improved/intermediate technology promotion, sustainable agriculture development and biodiversity in Humla.


NIDS has been actively involved in policy advocacy for the voiceless and vulnerable groups such as migrants and women.

It has been an active member of National Network for Safe Migration, FK[Fredskorpset-Norway], FK Network Nepal, SARIQ[South Asian Regional Initiative/Equity support Program], SAMReN[South Asia Migration Resource Network], APACHA [Asian Peoples’ Alliance for Combating HIV & AIDS ] and CARAM-Asia[Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility] to name a few.